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IP Technologies seeks to design and implement IP automated systems that give us all the security and peace of mind. We want well-designed, functional systems to save time and money, so it can be spent on things that matter to us. We want you to know that we are here to serve you well; technology greatly enhances our lives, we want it to enhance yours too.

Our vision is to successfully tailor technological advancements in individual companies, whilst achieving a satisfied client and exceptional outcome for all parties involved. We strive to provide environmentally friendly solutions where possible and to enable a stress free seamless migration to the latest IP technology and equipment available to our clients today or into the future.



From Prep to University, our technology solutions are supporting flexible and active collaboration between students and staff.  Constantly driving the way our future educational is giving these generations the technology to easily contribute, learn and share knowledge which is no longer limited to the classroom environment.


Are you looking for an upgrade for your churches audio visual system? We offer audio visual solutions for large to small buildings and to those with high or low budgets. We specialise in full audio visual systems including FOH sound and visual systems as well as stage work, installation of products and our web streaming solution that can be installed or mobile.


We provide Emergency medic alert systems  to medical centres so they can better care for the vulnerable. The systems are commonly known as Nurse call system alerting the staff of and incident within an area. The alert and quick response can be lifesaving. With different levels of help required, staff can call for assistance or request help for their own safety.

Our Distress or Emergency medical alert systems are designed for ease of use for the patient and the responder. We offer several solutions with various additives such as visual displays, SMS communication and more.


Modern AV systems deliver high-definition video and audio throughout your home or place of business, without the usual tangle of cables and boxes. Our AV systems keep servers, amplifiers, and other supporting equipment conveniently out of the way, allowing users to enjoy the full benefits of pristine video and audio, while freeing technical personnel to perform adjustments and maintenance in a space dedicated to that purpose. We help schools, retail businesses, funeral homes, and other service-centred organisations deliver the messaging and experience their users deserve through elegant, easy-to-operate AV systems.


For all their sophistication, modern security systems are remarkably easy to use. Our security systems allow you to put your space into full protection mode with the touch of a single button. Remote functionality allows designated personnel to receive complete, actionable information about any security event via text alerts and email messages. Advanced automation lets your security system create the impression of occupancy even in the wee hours of the business day or for weeks on end during holiday season.


With our installation teams across Australia, we can offer multi-site national solution to meet your company brief. We design strategic options to meet your unique needs and deliver the optimal result for your intended purpose.  Our customized end-to-end solutions are robust, scalable and reliable whilst providing a user friendly automated interface.


Web streaming lets your whole community, friends and family, even if living far away, join together to watch a service. Whether you want to live stream a church service or a funeral ceremony, we offer solutions for all kinds of services. Our live streaming services and solutions allow for high quality streaming to most live streaming services such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch or your service of choice. Our solutions can include cameras, video switchers, presentation computers, streaming software and much more.


Here at IP Technologies, we are ready to help you with all your technical needs, with our combined 20 years experience from our staff, we are sure to be able to help you out! We are specialists in audio visual, networking and security systems.


Integration solutions delivered, customised to our client.  Our expertise at IP Technologies is extensive with access control systems, CCTV, alarm systems and monitoring services.  With 20yrs experience across multiple sectors our vision is to give you the best experience with robust, technically advanced systems that can be manged, updated and enjoyed.


IP Technologies can integrate our smart lighting solution with numerous access control systems, security alarm systems and camera surveillance systems, IP intercom systems, audio visual systems as a part of a more seamless and automated process.


Our technicians are highly skilled, licenced and trained to get the job done.  All are experienced and have support services available.


Do you have a large scale job coming up that needs management and organisation? IP Technologies have managed over 2500 jobs with some jobs lasting months and finishing before schedule. We develop online management plans which are maintained in real time so you can view what stage of the project we are up to.

Proven Track record running the full range of the latest customised security, audio visual and data infrastructure projects across Australia.


At IP Technologies, we make the most sophisticated audio visual equipment easier to operate so you can enjoy the full extent of your new systems capabilities.  Our team is dedicated to providing your company with the greatest customer experience possible. From the solution design and product selection, to the installation and training and after sales support.

With our installation teams across Australia we can offer a multi site national solution to meet your company brief. We design strategic options to meet your unique needs and deliver the optimal result for your intended purpose.  Our customized end-to-end solutions are robust, scalable and reliable whilst providing a user friendly automated interface.

IP Technologies offers expert guidance and a seamless transitioning experience, to you next custom tailored audio visual upgrade or purchase.


Security Alarm Monitoring is a fast and detailed connection between your home or business security system and your security provider’s central station. When your control panel detects an emergency, it sends a signal to the central monitoring station, which notifies the proper authorities and dispatches them to the location of the incident.