Security solutions

For all their sophistication, modern security systems are remarkably easy to use. Our security systems allow you to put your space into full protection mode with the touch of a single button. Remote functionality allows designated personnel to receive complete, actionable information about any security event via text alerts and email messages. Advanced automation lets your security system create the impression of occupancy even in the wee hours of the business day or for weeks on end during holiday season.


We also offer individual alarm systems to safeguard independent workers and people with health difficulties. Panic alarm systems to ensure the safety and protection of people working alone, particularly at night. Each independent worker receives a panic button, which alerts an alarm-monitoring service in case of emergency. Medical alarm systems provide a service similar to panic alarms, but tailored for people whose age or health conditions require immediate response after a fall, a household accident, or a medical event.


CCTV Security cameras have become an essential security measure for homes and small businesses alike. As the market for security cameras grows, so do the options available to you. We can help design a complete video surveillance system that delivers the functions, flexibility, and ease of use you require.


Security alarms keep people safe while protecting your organisation’s most vital assets. Today’s security alarms are highly flexible, allowing you to limit access to key areas by assigning different permissions to different user types.


We offer a full range of reliable, easy-to-operate access control systems, along with the experience to help you design the ideal system for your home or facility. Our access control solutions use your choice of access cards, key fobs, fingerprint readers, and facial recognition technologies to deliver flexible, scalable access to precisely the people you choose, on the schedules that work best for you.


We offer a number of different options when it comes to alarm monitoring and patrol services. We are able to organise patrol services that range from temporary checks on site issues, or to situations such as permanent checking up of interior of properties through the day and night. We also offer a range of monitoring services to notify you of when an alarm or panic button is set off.


Functioning on true IP technology, IP Technologies communication solution fully integrates to numerous third party systems including CCTV, building & security management, telephony and access control systems. Find out how our IP audio intercom solutions, together with our integration capabilities, can provide a robust, communications solution for your industry application. Change makers within the security intercom and communications market, IP Technologies intercom solutions will withstand the harshest of environments, while providing high quality audio communication.