Education solutions

From Prep to University, our technology solutions are supporting flexible and active collaboration between students and staff.  Constantly driving the way our future educational is giving these generations the technology to easily contribute, learn and share knowledge which is no longer limited to the classroom environment.  Including audio visual technology and support technology into classrooms and learning labs prepares and enables students to engage productively in the world that they are no doubt already engaged in.

Providing solutions such as VIVI  help the IT department enhance collaboration, control an creativity with students.  It is proven effective and is in over 38000 classrooms around the world.  We are the provider for VIVI in South West Sydney. Best wireless presentation available and no worries for teachers.


Modern AV systems deliver high-definition video and audio throughout your home or place of business, without the usual tangle of cables and boxes. Our AV systems keep servers, amplifiers, and other supporting equipment conveniently

Audio Visual systems providing exquisite sound and visuals suitable for classrooms, drama and theatre or multipurpose halls. Solutions range from basic to advance system to make it easy for students and teacher to operate.


Security and access control for students and staff to ensure safety and log attendance and movement around educational environments.  Securing the facility within seconds to ensure safety.  App access for ease of use.

PA, Bell, Evac and lockdown systems designed for admin staff to program easily. And quickly access on mobile devises.