Web Streaming

Web streaming lets friends and family gather in remembrance and celebration, even if they live prohibitively far from the site of the funeral. Live streaming can be easily saved and archived, allowing loved ones the comfort of revisiting the service and future generations to learn about their ancestors. Web streaming is even easier to use that videoconferencing, and funeral live streaming is password-protected for security.

Any number of factors may force us to miss a loved one’s funeral. Live streaming lets us join the experience regardless of our circumstances.

Here’s how web streaming works

  1. The funeral home arranges to record the funeral for live streaming.
  2. The service’s organizer receives an invitation by email that can then be forwarded to an unlimited number of others.
  3. Automated cameras record the service and transmit their feed to a server, which distributes the feed to remote attendees.
  4. The entire feed is archived; this archive is available through the original email invitation for future viewing or downloading.

Recommended products for funeral live streaming

OneRoom has been helping loved ones find comfort and support since 2008. Its initial purpose was to deliver world-class streaming solutions wherever they were needed. Among its most ardent clients were funeral directors, who found OneRoom to be the perfect solution for mourners wishing to celebrate the lives of loved ones from afar. OneRoom soon specialized exclusively in the funeral sector, and now offers a full suite of services that make funeral live streams simple, reliable, and above all meaningful for funeral directors and mourners alike.

View the web streaming experience

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Users may enter the conference as a viewer or moderator.

As a viewer, you may join the voice conference, share your web cam, raise your hand, and chat with others. As a moderator, you can mute other viewers, eject any user from the session, and make any user the current presenter. The presenter may upload slides and control the presentation.

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