Public Address (PA) Systems

Public address (PA) systems combine the benefits of sound reinforcement and background music systems to meet the needs of large venues. We design PA systems to meet the needs of each client. A school hall or back of worship might need a system capable of delivering a full range of spoken-word and musical content; a hospitality setting might need a PA system to supply background music while allowing for easily intelligible spoken announcements.

Our core beliefs and vision


We are passionate about technology

IP Technologies seeks to design and implement IP automated systems that give us all the security and peace of mind we need to do what we were born to do. We want well-designed, functional systems to save time and money, so it can be spent on things that matter to us. We want you to know that we are here to serve you well, technology greatly enhances our lives, we want it to enhance yours too.

Our vision is your gain

Our vision is to successfully tailor technological advancements in individual companies, whilst achieving a satisfied client and exceptional outcome for all parties involved. We strive to provide environmentally friendly solutions, where possible and to enable a stress free seamless migration to the latest IP technology and equipment available to our clients today or into the future.