A small introduction

Access control

We offer a full range of reliable, easy-to-operate access control systems, along with the experience to help you design the ideal system for your home or facility. Our access control solutions use your choice of access cards, key fobs, fingerprint readers, and facial recognition technologies to deliver flexible, scalable access to precisely the people you choose, on the schedules that work best for you.

Many of our clients combine an integrated access control system with traditional keyed locks for an extra measure of protection. Whichever configuration you choose, you’ll enjoy newfound peace of mind at home and greater operational efficiency at work. Access control solutions allow organisations the freedom to arrange their interior spaces as they choose, safe in the knowledge that only authorized personnel will be allowed to enter any given area.

Inner Range engineered Inception to put access control in the hands of end users, not security professionals. Complicated menus and technical jargon can prevent even the most diligent business owners from getting the most from their access system. Inception solves those problems with integrated guided tours and support, customisable dashboards and reports, and straightforward options in a clear, web-based interface.

Dormakaba is an industry-leading provider of complete access control and security solutions, backed by offices and dealerships across the country and the largest service team in Australia. Its powerful yet elegant solutions are designed to meet the needs of each client, delivering the solutions clients seek from easy-to-operate single points of access.