Are you looking for an upgrade for your churches audio visual system? We offer audio visual solutions for large to small buildings and to those with high or low budgets. We specialise in full audio visual systems including FOH sound and visual systems as well as stage work, installation of products and our web streaming solution that can be installed or mobile.


Sound and vision is important to providing an event space with a dynamic area that work every time. We provide quality, reliable equipment for your space. We also offer sound systems that don’t require an operator to function perfectly every time. Just turn it on and press a button.  So easy and effective.


For all their sophistication, modern security systems are remarkably easy to use. Our security systems allow you to put your space into full protection mode with the touch of a single button. Remote functionality allows designated personnel to receive complete, actionable information about any security event via text alerts and email messages. Advanced automation lets your security system create the impression of occupancy even in the wee hours of the business day or for weeks on end during holiday season.


Web streaming lets friends and family gather in remembrance and celebration, even if they live prohibitively far from the site of the funeral. Live streaming can be easily saved and archived, allowing loved ones the comfort of revisiting the service and future generations to learn about their ancestors. Web streaming is even easier to use that videoconferencing, and funeral live streaming is password-protected for security.

Any number of factors may force us to miss a loved one’s funeral. Live streaming lets us join the experience regardless of our circumstances.