We provide Emergency medic alert systems  to medical centres so they can better care for the vulnerable. The systems are commonly known as Nurse call system alerting the staff of and incident within an area. The alert and quick response can be lifesaving. With different levels of help required, staff can call for assistance or request help for their own safety.


Our Distress or Emergency medical alert systems are designed for ease of use for the patient and the responder. Our systems are designed to alert as soon as possible as a quick response can be lifesaving. We offer several solutions with various additives such as visual displays, SMS communication and more.


For all their sophistication, modern security systems are remarkably easy to use. Our security systems allow you to put your space into full protection mode with the touch of a single button. Remote functionality allows designated personnel to receive complete, actionable information about any security event via text alerts and email messages. Advanced automation lets your security system create the impression of occupancy even in the wee hours of the business day or for weeks on end during holiday season.