Professional sound systems

Professional sound systems bring crisp, clear audio to every listener in even the largest settings, through fixed installations or portable deployments. Lecture theatres, auditoriums, retail stores, and hospitality venues depend on properly calibrated professional sound systems to ensure that crucial information reaches every intended listener. We start by carefully evaluating each setting, then developing a customized solution that delivers exactly what each client needs from professional sound reinforcement.


Background music systems create the right atmosphere by delivering a consistent level of sound throughout a large space. Airports and large shopping centres rely on background music systems to set the right tone, as do small restaurants and retail shops. We design each background music system to meet the needs of its particular space, then install it unobtrusively.


Looking for a cheap and affordable Bell, Evac and Paging system all in one? Look no more, packed in a bundle that can all be run off a single component, our system offers a fully customisable bell system with custom audio files, recordings and special bell features. It also features a full paging system with inbuilt features such as PA queuing, PA Messages, delay and live PA announcements with different priorities. Included in this bundle is a custom EVAC system designed to suit your environment.


Having a hearing loop system included in your sound system will allow for those with hearing impairments to have a clearer and more understandable sound. By simply adding a copper strip under your current flooring, hooked up to an amplifier, you can make the sound better for those people with hearing impairments. We always measure and test our systems, including: meeting the compliance with the Building Code of Australia.


Having a high quality loud front of house system engages the audience and increases the performance to the highest level. Our FOH system are designed to maximum quality and perform with futureproof components and highly customisable easy to use systems. We feature a number of high end FOH system brands for sound and video such as Allen & Heath, QSC, Atlona, Epson, ScreenTechnics, and more.