A small introduction

CCTV security cameras

CCTV Security cameras have become an essential security measure for homes and small businesses alike. As the market for security cameras grows, so do the options available to you. We can help design a complete video surveillance system that delivers the functions, flexibility, and ease of use you require.

Modern CCTV security cameras provide remarkably detailed images, and can be calibrated to detect motion, even in specially designated zones. They can be automated and linked to remote-monitoring functions, eliminating the need for extra security personnel. Video surveillance can also promote workplace safety, allowing managers to identify and remediate unsafe or inefficient practices.

Recommended security cameras

Axis offers a comprehensive line of cameras designed to monitor any environment. From panoramic and fixed-box cameras to discreet surveillance cameras and even models that provide resistance to explosions, each Axis product delivers high-definition video in a wide range of lighting conditions. Their efficient design minimizes bandwidth and makes the most out of your network’s storage space.

Hanwha engineers the world’s most technically sophisticated video surveillance systems, including a wide range of IP cameras, local and remote storage devices, and management software that puts the full power of each installation within easy reach. It is a trusted partner of retail, education, transportation, healthcare, and hospitality establishments around the world.