Audio video solutions

Modern AV systems deliver high-definition video and audio throughout your home or place of business, without the usual tangle of cables and boxes. Our AV systems keep servers, amplifiers, and other supporting equipment conveniently out of the way, allowing users to enjoy the full benefits of pristine video and audio, while freeing technical personnel to perform adjustments and maintenance in a space dedicated to that purpose. We help schools, retail businesses, funeral homes, and other service-centred organisations deliver the messaging and experience their users deserve through elegant, easy-to-operate AV systems.


Professional sound systems bring crisp, clear audio to every listener in even the largest settings, through fixed installations or portable deployments. Lecture theatres, auditoriums, retail stores, and hospitality venues depend on properly calibrated professional sound systems to ensure that crucial information reaches every intended listener. We start by carefully evaluating each setting, then developing a customized solution that delivers exactly what each client needs from professional sound reinforcement.


Digital signage can bring your message to the masses, or keep complex business spaces running smoothly. Whatever the setting, digital signage allows you to deliver flexible, easily updated messaging in vivid, high-definition images.


Projector systems deliver large-scale images for classrooms, meeting rooms, school halls, shopping centres, and other group venues. Today’s projector systems provide brighter, crisper, more detailed images than ever before. In lecture halls and large commercial spaces, projector systems offer an efficient way to capture the attention of large audiences.


Hearing loops, or audio induction loops, provide special support for listeners who rely on hearing aids. They use wireless signals that are entirely transparent to other devices, and are especially useful in areas that tend to feature high levels of background noise. To ensure compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act, the Building Code of Australia requires that at least 80% of non-restricted space in public buildings be covered by hearing loops. For all their benefits, audio induction loops are straightforward devices that are easy to install and typically require little to no post-installation adjustment.

Public address (PA) systems

Public address (PA) systems combine the benefits of sound reinforcement and background music systems to meet the needs of large venues. We design PA systems to meet the needs of each client. A school hall or back of worship might need a system capable of delivering a full range of spoken-word and musical content; a hospitality setting might need a PA system to supply background music while allowing for easily intelligible spoken announcements.


Video conferencing has never been more important to organisations of all types and sizes. A reliable video conferencing system allows teams to collaborate in real time, each from their preferred location. Your teams will make better decisions more quickly while saving the time and cost of travel, and presentations will reach more people more impactfully. We work with clients of all types to deliver video conferencing systems that keep information flowing.


Web streaming lets friends and family gather in remembrance and celebration, even if they live prohibitively far from the site of the funeral. Live streaming can be easily saved and archived, allowing loved ones the comfort of revisiting the service and future generations to learn about their ancestors. Web streaming is even easier to use that videoconferencing, and funeral live streaming is password-protected for security.

Any number of factors may force us to miss a loved one’s funeral. Live streaming lets us join the experience regardless of our circumstances.